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Lucy Courchaine

Sapphire Sporthorses is owned and run by Lucy Courchaine, an American dressage professional with a diverse background in the equine industry. She is a Grand Prix dressage competitor and USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze medalist with a special interest in the well-rounded development of the equine athlete. Her business combines her years of experience in managing high performance dressage horses and riding for top equine sports medicine veterinarians. Lucy believes strongly that correct dressage training can provide countless benefits to horses and riders of all disciplines. Her barn is filled with everything from FEI dressage show horses to jumpers recovering from injury to hunters enjoying a luxurious retirement. Her meticulous care and commitment to quality training for every horse makes her program well-suited for sport horses rehabbing from a variety of injuries. In addition to keeping full-time client horses at Foxy Meadow Farm, Lucy provides riding  lessons on her own schoolmasters and teaches dressage concepts to riders of all disciplines throughout North Salem, NY. She is proud to represent a range of sponsors and affiliates


Fitness and Training

Teach your horse advanced dressage, improve your flatwork between the jumps, or simply build a better equine athlete through consistent exercise programs and cross-training.  


Lessons and Coaching

Learn how to count the tempi changes, form a proper 20-meter circle, or just how to make the best use of your ride from start to finish. Get help or prep at shows - everything from better braiding to nailing that halt at X! 


Recover From Injury

Return to the Show Ring Stronger

Return to the Show Ring Stronger


We welcome and work closely with a deep network of respected veterinarians on treatment, rehabilitation and recovery plans for sport horses.

Return to the Show Ring Stronger

Return to the Show Ring Stronger

Return to the Show Ring Stronger


"Dressage for Every Athlete": horses of all disciplines benefit from the strengthening and coordination that comes from a focus on dressage concepts. 

Achieve Fitness Goals

Return to the Show Ring Stronger

Unique Program Features


Help your horse return from a physical break, a mental break, or simply push to the next level with focused training and a well-rounded program. 

Unique Program Features

Access Top Therapeutic Products

Unique Program Features


  • Varying hills and footing surfaces for conditioning 
  • Wide range of turnout options, from medical paddock to field
  • Staff living on-site with veterinary technician experience
  • Monthly check-in with nutritionist to monitor weight and feed rations

Change of Pace and Scenery

Access Top Therapeutic Products

Access Top Therapeutic Products


Sometimes you just need to try something new. Bring your horse for any amount of time; whether it's 6 weeks or 6 months, we'll design an individual program to help achieve performance and training goals. Horses and humans alike find restorative energy at our peaceful and professional farm.  

Access Top Therapeutic Products

Access Top Therapeutic Products

Access Top Therapeutic Products


  • BEMER Blanket - PEMF technology
  • Equiband System saddle pads
  • Incrediwear products
  • Equilume mask
  • Fast-Track Boots
  • Weighted bell boots for advanced conditioning 

Foxy Meadow Farm


Breathtaking Private Facility

Situated in the heart of Westchester horse country on Baxter Road - North Salem, NY


Spacious Training Areas

Indoor arena with mirrors, outdoor arena with views. Rolling hills, grass riding field, trails that connect to Baxter Preserve, and more. 


Stylish and Functional

Impeccably kept grounds and beautiful barn designs. All amenities necessary for providing top-class horse care and training. 

Our Sponsors and Affiliates


Betsy Steiner Clinic Series

2020 Dates: June 19-21, August 28-30, October 9-11

We're so excited to repeat this clinic series again in 2020: three weekends of dressage education with renowned international rider/trainer, Betsy Steiner. Hosted at the gorgeous Foxy Meadow Farm. 

Rider lesson slots will be available on a limited basis - inquire early for availability as these clinics fill quickly!

This clinic will showcase lessons from Training Level to Grand Prix. Betsy's approach to training horses and riders is always remarkable!

Auditor passes available for the day or for the weekend; passes include: admission to watch dressage lessons with Betsy (9+ rides per day), coffee, breakfast snacks, catered lunch, and Q&A session with Betsy after lessons end for the day.

Shopping and vendors will join us at this event - sign up for a fun weekend of dressage in North Salem!



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